Queen of January

Sorry that I’ve been completely MIA for all of February. I’m a workaholic and the recession has not meant any kind of slow down for me. Quite the contrary. Right. So I’m participating in this year’s Rockin’ Sock Club and got my first instalment in the last week of January. I finished the first sock overnight, and in four days I had completed the pair.

I must say that I see why people go crazy for this yarn, it’s super nice to work with. I love that it has that little extra twist in it. It gives it that little extra spring when knitting it up and I’m sure will help with the wear and tear.

This was also my first time working with beads in my knitting. Once I got all those babies threaded onto the yarn (5 at a time with one of those needle threader aid thingmies) it was kind of decent sailing. I would pass the beads in a group a ways down the yarn so that they’d be out of the way for a while and then bring them back up in pairs as needed. Worked out to be a decent system and they look pretty good in the pattern. I’m on the fence about knitting with beads. I don’t hate them, but they don’t rock my world. Maybe I just haven’t found that bead + knitting pattern that will blow my mind. I did work the beads down the top of the foot as well which really make these my at home entertaining socks (like I ever entertain at home).

Pattern: Queen of Beads by Sivia Harding
Materials: ‘My Blue Heaven’ Socks That Rock lightweight, Rockin’ Sock Club for January
Start Date: January 30, 2009
End Date: February 5, 2009

I really enjoyed the pattern. I love the pseudo argyle affect that’s created by the travelling stitches. I ♥ geometric charts. Even over 10 or so rows, the geometry instantly lets you know when you’re off and when I’m paying attention will let me know what comes next. Though I think I was a bit too eager to finish up these socks and to make sure they didn’t end up on the too generous side. I think they could use an extra half a pattern repeat each. One of these days I’ll get around to it.

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