And I’m done!

I started these potholders last Sunday after signing up for the swap. Two days later and I’m already done my homework: 5 potholders in the same pattern. It’s the perfect project. All the satisfaction of crocheting blocks for a blanket, without having to make 200 blocks which is quite the test for any attention span. I browsed all the crochet potholder links suggested on the swap’s blog sidebar and narrowed it down to a few possibilities. My favourite being the pattern I chose. Though the pattern calls it daisy, it’s definitely a star.

An afternoon of raiding my stash for suitable yarns yielded several contenders for this project. The major players came down to worsted weight cotton combination and the Briggs & Little/handspun combination. After working one potholder, I was sold on using the handspun.

I did find it surprising that I had enough of the handspun for 5 potholders. I even have a couple of the mini-balls left over! I think I’m going to make some of these for myself. I really love how the handspun is featured in this pattern. The crochet hides the inconsistencies in my early handspun. The barberpole effect from the two ply also looks great here though it’s really not something I enjoyed when I spun this yarn.

This is one of my most photographed projects. I really like how pre-blocked these look like starfish. And everytime I took pictures, I wanted close ups of each potholder. I just can’t get enough of the handspun squishy star goodness.

Pattern: Daisy Hot Plate Mat & Pot Holders
Materials: Briggs & Little Heritage natural and BFL Handspun
Start Date: March 22, 2009
End Date: March 24, 2009

5 thoughts on “And I’m done!”

  1. Those are adorable! You should make some for yourself. I keep telling myself that too, and now, over 10 years since I started crocheting and I still have not a single face/dish/washcloth of my own. (Nor knitted).

  2. Yeah, I’m going to make a few for myself out of the remaining yarn that I have of the handspun and Briggs & Little. I doubt I’ll use them as hot pads, I’m more of an oven mitt kind of girl.

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