Just in time for spring

This is part two of my mom’s Xmas 2007 gift. Part one was the Puffs Beret that I knit over my Christmas holiday 2008. I had pledged to finish her scarf by her birthday, February 29th. I didn’t quite make that deadline but finished it soon after. I did procrastinate blocking the scarf, but now I have no excuses. I should mail this sucker straight away before any shred of winter is gone.

I really enjoyed knitting this scarf even if the yarn wasn’t forgiving to work with. Backtracking really sucks as the little bits of cashmere fluff stick like a mofo. Paying close attention was also key as this yarn is too fine to tell what’s going on by touch. I reduced the border to 3 repeats to keep it more scarf than shawl once finished. But the berries are as written.

Pattern: Scarf with fir cone lace border by Jane Sowerby from Victorian Lace Today
Materials: 1.3 skeins Filatura Di Crosa Superior 12 blue
Start Date: January 22, 2009
End Date: March 8, 2009

Knitting pattern went rather quickly. After knitting the first border in an evening, the center took me a couple of evenings. Then another few for the second border. It did live on my couch halfway finished for a while, but overall quick and enjoyable. It gave me an appetite for some more lace. I’m pretty sure my mom will like the scarf. The beret has gotten nothing but rave reviews so far.

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