There’s a hex on me

I have a new love affair. Hexagons. They are my shape of the moment. Hex hex hex. I heart the hex. I’m LOVING the simple awesomeness of the Hexagonal Blanket I’m working on. Working with a repeat number of twelve and increases the stitch grouping to make the circle, then alternate a corner with a straight side and wham bam you’ve got a hex!

A hex on me, originally uploaded by bunnieprops.

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I REALLY want to take my current hex love to the point of obsession. I have in mind to make a hand stitched mini hexagon quilt as recently blogged by Jane Brocket. I found a tutorial on English piecing through Flickr and want to start right away but cutting out a million hexes from my deck of quilter’s quarters acquired a few years ago.

I really like the waving lines idea built from the hexagons rather than the more usual hex flowers. Maybe I’ll go for more of a random hexagon strategy. Who knows at this point. But I should definitely start cutting out the many many paper templates.

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