End of June catch-up

I’ve been taking a bit of a break from knitting. Or more like I’ve been getting back to the knitting without much of the blogging. But I guess I haven’t had much to say about the projects I’ve been working on. But I have managed to finish some things even though I’ve been doing my best to enjoy the green that we’re having.

First is this lovely and as such unblogged sweater that I finished back in April. I fully intend to get a complete set of matching buttons that work properly and take some modelled shots. For the record I believe I knit this sweater twice. I haven’t knit enough successful sweaters to understand how to modify a pattern to fit myself properly. Theories and planning are great, but I need to see how the thing works before I know how to tweak it. Often in the knitting is where I see how it needs to be fixed. I’m cool with it.

The yarn was originally intended to be a Juliet, but after knitting that a couple of times I realised it’s really not a great sweater design for my body type. As soon as I saw this pattern on Knitty I knew this yarn would be perfect, even if it is the same colour as in the pattern. But as I’m an avid t-shirt wearer, wasn’t sold on the large open neckline. The first version of this sweater was knit with Elizabeth Zimmerman saddle shoulder shaping rather than the raglan as in the pattern. I thought a squarer shoulder would suit me better in addition to the smaller neckline. Well the shoulders were way too square, I decided I wanted buttons all the way up the front and full immersion blocking didn’t quite live up to my optimistic gauge swatch. Oh and the nice little 1×1 twisted rib waist section didn’t hit me in the waist so ended up looking silly.

So for the re-knit, I used the stitch counts for one size, based the length measurements off myself in the mirror. I know, the planning has you do that to start with. And I started the neckline according to the measurements for the smallest size. When changing for complete button band, I found that 10 rows wasn’t quite enough space between. Instead of ripping back, I opted to group the button holes.

2 thoughts on “End of June catch-up”

  1. so nice to see two different versions, and the improvements you’ve made on the design so it fits YOU. Congrats, and looking forward to seeing you soon… (be prepared, it’s hot and humid here in Montreal).

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