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I’m a big blog reader. I’ve got quite the list of blogs in my reader that I read through during the day. But I’m not really a big blog commenter. In fact I usually just don’t comment. Like not at all.

That’s right. I lurk. I’m a blog lurker.

But I really don’t like that term. It makes me seem like I’m some sort of shady character reading someone’s blog, quietly scheming as I read each entry, slowly plotting some sort of evil plan. But that’s not me at all. I like reading about people’s process, seeing pictures of their latest project or lamenting the lack of glitter glue in the world today. Most of the time I just don’t have anything to add. Well like pretty much all the time I’m without response. Nothing to say.

Usually this doesn’t bother me at all. But lately it feels like I’m not fully participating in the whole crafty blog world. I’m not part of the conversation, just listening in. Or something.

So I’ve started to make an effort to comment on the blogs I read regularly. It’s only been a few days of it and I’m still at that point where I feel stupid for being the 12th person to say ‘neat sweater’ and have nothing better to add. But I figure it will get better. At some point I’ll be used to saying something and won’t feel like such a dweeb.

‘Great job! Love the colours!’

5 thoughts on “No comment”

  1. I’ve been finding your comments encouraging, especially since I’ve been making an effort to post every day this month. At least I know someone else is reading.

    We should have tea together sometime soon. I haven’t seen you in ages.

  2. I usually don’t comment when all I have to say is “I like that,” but I make a point to comment when I want to say “I looooooove that!”

    I usually avoid “me too” comments, but I like to look for ways to ask questions, provide 3rd party links, or otherwise “add” to the topic in some way.

    I appreciate your drive to be more active in the blog community! If we all did that, it would be even more thriving and inspiring. 😉

  3. How do you feel when people comment on your site?

    I agree, if I read another blog that has 50 + comments that all say “that’s so cute” and nothing else, I’m going to gag.

    I like to comment on blogger friends blogs and then maybe on others with something I can relate to with them.
    Like blog lurking.
    People put stuff on blogs for people to read. You can read it without feeling guilty about commenting. It’s not like NPR, where if you listen all the time, then you feel obligated to be a member.

    I’ve found swaps a great way to join the craft blog community and meet really nice people.

  4. I’m a bit of a blog lurker too, but, like you, I’ve recently been making an effort to comment on more of the blogs I read … sort of testing the waters, if you will.

    I figure, even if I don’t have anything super insightful to say, who doesn’t like hearing that someone loves what they made or relates to what they’ve written? Or at least that’s what I tell myself when I start to feel dorky about it!

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