Garter Stitch Love

About a year ago, a yarn store on the South shore was having a going out of business sale. Mr. Peabody trekked down there on his bike and bought a HUGE backpack full of yarn. There was so much that he had to tape an extra bag to the outside. The bag was so heavy that he could only walk his bike back through the Metro system. He ended up going a couple of times and bought me a bunch of yarn as well.

In this huge batch of yarn I got some Pingouin Grège (wool, silk, alpaca, rayon blend), like 12 skeins of it. I’ve had in mind (since the pattern came out) to make a February Lady Sweater with it. It took a misbehaving sweater and a Ravelry request for my Grège to get me to cast on for it last week. I swatched a bunch of times in garter stitch for gauge and steam blocked each one to pick the most satisfying fabric before finally casting on. My gauge is a little different from the pattern, but the fabric has nice drape and according to my calculations will result in a well sized sweater, including the arms. I checked a bunch of times ’cause now I’m all paranoid.

I’m working on the yoke and I’m in garter stitch heaven! I have a few rows to go before I divide up the sleeves and the body and it’s taking all my restraint to keep from doing it right now!

4 thoughts on “Garter Stitch Love”

  1. lainevierge – I love grey too. It’s my favourite neutral. Not as depressing as black.

    Ali P – It’s definitely pet worthy with the alpaca in the blend.

    Grace – Thanks! I heart the garter stitch and it looks fantastic in this yarn.

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