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I’m back from my holiday in LA. After picking me up from the airport while we were sitting down to a nice Thai lunch, my friend that I was visiting told me that she had a job interview up in San Francisco. A road trip was underway.

I had some time on my hands later on so I did some research on the newly discovered Yelp for fabric and yarn shops in San Francisco and I came up with a short list. I was able to coerce my friend Lisa to go with me to two stores. Peapod Fabrics in Inner Sunset and ImagiKnit in Castro.

We stopped by Peapod Fabrics first: 1314 18th Ave (at Irving), San Francisco, CA 94122. A really cute little shop really well stock with all kinds of super cute fabrics. After a little walk around gazing at all the lovely prints they have and wanting all of them, I started digging through the fat quarter bins and pretty much taking every second or third one that I came across. The shop keeper even offered to cut some more from the bolts. I took her up on that for a couple. I definitely would have had her cut a bunch more if we had more time on our parking meter. As it was, I did get a pretty great stack to bring home with me.

On Saturday after hipster brunch with friends, we headed over to ImagiKnit: 3897 18th St (at Sanchez), San Francisco, CA 94114. It’s a pretty big shop with quite a selection of yarn ranging from simple to fancy. There’s quite a selection of fancy/novelty yarns which aren’t entirely my bag. But I was quite taken with the wide selection of Malabrigo that I found there.

The shop has floor to ceiling built in shelving housing it’s wares and there were two rows from floor to ceiling just dedicated to Malabrigo worsted in a wide array of colours. The shop definitely deserves some time for proper browsing. It really was too much for me to take in.

Not entirely being in the leisurely shopping mood, especially at dragging my non-knitting friend along, I went directly for what popped out at me, some lovely speckled Koigu (I know it’s Canadian, but they had a great selection and whatever, holidays are for shopping) and some Malabrigo lace in a couple of colours. The like mauve/pink is for my mom’s Xmas present and the mint green is for me. It’s my favourite colour.

I definitely recommend these shops if you’re going to be in the area. Both are on my list of local haunts to be if I ever find myself living in the Bay area.

I also wanted to check out Britex in Downtown SF (4 floors of fabric and notions!) but on the way there, a cab clipped the back bumper of my friend’s car so we chased him down, phoned his company and then filed a police report instead. Then we went for Thai food.

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