Xmas Knitting

I’m doing it this year. I’m actually knitting gifts for Christmas BEFOREhand. I finished one yesterday and am well into the next. I have a day full of flights ahead of me so I’m sure to make some good progress. But then I’ll be around the people I’m knitting for and it will be tricky to knit without them knowing. I’m debating between late nights, pretending to be selfishly knitting, or just forgo the surprise entirely. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get them all done in time, but wrapping something in progress is better than imaginary presents right?

3 thoughts on “Xmas Knitting”

  1. Just keep those needles and hand and forge ahead. I’ve found that those around me are completely oblivious to what I’m doing — just murmer or mumble (in your case) something and they’ll move on to something else and leave you to complete these projects. Good luck and happy traveling.

  2. The Jolly Bee – Good advice. It worked out perfectly. The extra bonus was making my mom cry when I told her the shawl was more her color than mine.

    Ali P – Thanks! I had a great time as always. It’s a destination that never gets old.

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