Not Qualified to cut

Big Giant Fail. I should have my rotary cutter and ruler revoked. I should be pulled back to kindergarten to relearn how to cut things properly. Insert many expletives.

So here’s the story. On a Saturday crafternoon, I alternated cutting out hexagons for quilt n°1 and cutting out background blocks for Hawaiian quilt n°2. 18 x 18″ blocks. No problem right?

Well, when I went to cut out one of the batiks for creating the appliqué, I ended up cutting a 13″ square instead of the 14″ square that I intended. So I went and checked the other ‘squares’ I had cut out. Out of the 12 blocks that I cut ONLY ONE is actually 18″ square. ONE!

The culprit? My green cutting mat. It has two sets of ‘starting lines’ and I usually use the more interior one. Unfortunately there’s only one set of numbers. And they start from the outer starting line. So when measuring I should either mentally add an inch to whatever I intend to cut, train myself to measure from the outer line OR (probably the best option) USE THE RULER TO MEASURE instead of the mat.

I’m going to consult with the other Courtepointistes to figure out a solution.

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