What I did on my Winter Vacation

I was very lucky this holiday season and was able to go to Hawaii with my whole family for just about 3 weeks. It was fantastic. Hawaii at Christmas is kind of a family tradition and I hope it’s one that continues well into the future.

While on vacation, my brother signed us up for a Hawaiian Appliqué quilting class at the Maui Quilt Shop. After knitting like a maniac to finish my mom’s Christmas present shawl as close to Christmas as possible, I was ready for a change of scene craftwise.

There were 7 of us in the class and after quickly picking our kits, Mr. Peabody and I sat down and got to work. At the end of the 2 hours I came away with an understanding of Needle turn appliqué and a drive to finish my block. It only took me a 6 days to finish it (between the beach, tropical drinks and Hawaiian sunsets of course). I became so addicted to the Hawaiian appliqué that I bought enough fabric to make 12 more blocks. Our pillow kits included enough for 2 blocks, so I’m going to be making a 16 block Hawaiian appliqué quilt! I’m super excited.

I predict that 2010 will be the year of the quilt for me.

2 thoughts on “What I did on my Winter Vacation”

  1. You guys are my crafter heroes/crushes. I has a sad that I’m not working weekends in the shop now that its quiet because I miss working with J. :o(

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