Xmas knitting update N°2

Pattern: Christmas socks based on Gentleman’s Half Hose in Ringwood Pattern by Nancy Bush from Knitting Vintage Socks
Materials: Zitron Trekking Pro Natura
Modifications: Plugged the pattern repeat into a top down sock with stockinette heel and wedge toe
Start Date: November 29, 2009
End Date: December 14, 2009

I’ve reached that annoying stage as a sock knitter. Having knit so many pairs, I can take a stitch pattern, crunch a few numbers and BOOM make a sock that fits a foot. Really it’s not rocket science, earth shattering and once you understand the mystery of the sock, you’re capable of flying solo without a pattern. But having all the knitting practise means that it’s almost second nature. The trickiest part is finding proper foot measurements without alerting the recipient that they’re getting some socks (this is easy enough with my dad, I just ask mom what his shoe size is). The whole thing is pretty blazé. See? Annoying. I told you.

So before embarking on the shawl knitting marathon for my mom’s present, I made my dad a pair of socks. These socks were pretty much no muss or fuss. The biggest deal was finding a conversion of shoe size to foot measurements online. I always end up digging up my pattern for Harry Potter Striped Sports socks for the link. I should just bookmark it for future use.

The Ringwood stitch pattern is really simple and has a really nice texture to it. Perfect for serious dad socks such as these. I had debated on the yarn colour choice, but decided serious charcoal was more suited to my dad. Yes, the last pair of socks that I knit my dad were also charcoal. But the alternative skein of blue was not suitable and I was striving to knit from my extensive stash of sock yarns rather than buying more.

Overall these socks were kind of like background knitting. Not terribly challenging. Not boring. Not overly long to complete. No need for my full attention. Perfect take along project for the air travel and subsequent road trip while this project was underway (a trip to LA and SF). I was kind of surprised when I finished them.

They were well received by my dad and as you can see they fit his feet rather well.

2 thoughts on “Xmas knitting update N°2”

  1. Niiiice. Socks take me forever! Mostly because I put them down and knit something else. Case in point: Nutkins. Started in November, sock one is on hold at the gusset decreases while I have been knitting other things. I do not foresee getting back to them until after the Olympics. :o( If I can even then…Ben wants a sweater….

  2. Ali P- Thanks dude!. The way I get my socks to go faster is to take them along with me and work on them a bit here and there. When at home I work on the other projects that take more attention span/are more interesting. But it’s going to be quite a while before I make another pair I think. Mostly because I’ve caught the quilting. And at 3 quilts started thus far, it’s very infectious.

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