Les courtepointistes

I think it’s probably time that I mention how Mr. Peabody and I have caught the quilt bug. Maybe I said it before, but we’ve REALLY got it. And we’ve even started our own little quilting bee. Our name is les courtepointistes (courtepointe is quilting in French and is some kind of play on a musical movement or something).

So far it’s me, Mr. Peabody and occasionally one of his students, Louise. We’ve got our communal projects. We’ve had several “meetings.” We even spent an evening watching many episodes of Fons & Porter: Love of Quilting. And now Mr. Peabody has been giving posting access here, so I won’t be the only one rambling.

Welcome Mr. Peabody!

Oh and that’s just some pretty fabric that I really love and have no idea what it’s called. If you recognise it, please let me know. I’d love to have more of it.

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