The Year of the Elephant

Another year, another birthday. This year I went out for a family dinner at an Indian place up on St-Laurent. It was super filling and super yummy. I ate a whole bunch of naan due to it’s high deliciousness content. After dinner we hung out at my apartment and had a DQ ice cream cake—a tradition in my family. I haven’t had an ice cream cake for many (too many) years so was super happy that they found one. So so good. And check out the awesome My Little Pony on top (yes I’m really a 5 year old girl inside stuck in the 80s).

One of my Christmas presents from my parents was an elephant cream and sugar set. So for my birthday they bought me the matching tea pot. Here’s the herd in it’s natural habitat. They already look super comfortable don’t they? What I really love about this tea set, besides the elephants, is that piece is a slightly different kind of elephant. The tea pot is clearly very Babar, the creamer is all psychedelic Dumbo elephant and the sugar is, well like a real elephant.

Continuing the theme of fabric gifts from Christmas, I got a lovely array of fat quarters from Mr. Peabody and Ginette featuring the new fabrics they’ve got in recently. I super love all of them. The graphic designer in me especially loves the grid and dashed lined fabrics. I see some embroidery in my future.

And finally a copy of Piecework. Their historical knitting issue as you can see from the cover. I’m super stoked about it. My favourite Interweave articles are the historical knitting ones. They always focus on the coolest stuff.

The best part about it being my birthday is I get to host the leftover cake. I’ve been having a slice here and there since last week. Yum.

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