Miffy for me

So I while I was able to part with the first bunny I knit, it was only possible because I immediately cast on another one for myself. Here she is an (almost) exact replica of bunny n°1.

Pattern: Well-Dressed Bunny
by Barbara Prime
Materials: Tongue River Sock Yarn in sheep’s brown
Briggs & Little Sport in light green
Modifications: Worked with smaller yarn. Knit dress in the round with fewer stitches in the body and bib of the dress.
Start Date: February 8, 2010
End Date: February 27, 2010

When knitting this bunny, I used a crocheted provisional cast on for each piece. Since the pieces are seamed up and the pattern has you make a shoulder seam of the cast on, I decided provisional would be the way to go. Then I could graft instead of seam, reducing some bulk. For the tops of the feet, I used scrap yarn instead of casting off. Later I grafted these stitches to each other for a nice finish to the top of the foot. Since this is the visible part of the foot I think it’s worth the extra effort.

In the end when seaming up, I opted to string the yarn through all the held stitches twice and pull them snug together and worked the ends in. It worked pretty nicely on most of the pieces. When I get to bunny n°3, I think I’ll repeat this on all pieces except for the feet. I think grafting is the better call for both the top and bottom of the feet.

I used the same modifications for the dress as I did for bunny n°1. Casting on 54 sts and working in the round for the specified number of rows. Then working K2tog, K2, SSK as the decrease round before the garter waistband. The bib was worked with 4 less stitches.

The embroidered X mouth is inspired by the Miffy books that I had as a kid. If you want an actual Miffy pattern, they do exist. I might have to make a proper Miffy for myself.

The eyes and mouth on this bunny didn’t turn out quite as great as on bunny n°1. Well I’m actually pretty happy with the eyes. They’re almost a proper satin stitch. The mouth on the other hand. It’s crooked. The gray thread I chose makes the X seem slightly more sinister and I’m not entirely sure about the stitch I ended up using (kind of a ghetto improvised back stitch).

Oh and the head’s a bit more cockeyed and floppier too. Maybe that’s why Mr. Peabody suggested that this bunny’s name should be Flopsy. I’m not so sure though. I already had a fish called Flopsy, part of a Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail school of tetras. Any suggestions?

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