Thursday nights are for quilting

Another week, another evening of quilting. Les courtepointistes have been pretty reliable with quilting on Thursday evenings. Last week was Mr. Peabody’s turn to come to my place.

Mr. Peabody has been working on an English Paper Pieced tumbling blocks quilt for quite some time now, almost a year I think. It’s very interesting how he’s chosen to divide up his process for this quilt. Since he started it with scraps and leftovers, he’s been in the habit to spend some time putting new scraps onto the piecing papers and loading them into his travel case for piecing into blocks later, slowly accumulating finished blocks.

As his collection of fabrics has grown, this process has understandably expanded in scope. He’s spent a few weeks cutting, and prepping lozenges from all the fabric he’s accumulated in the past few months. Now he has a cardboard box filled with a spectrum of lozenges to work with. Last Thursday he brought the box out to play.

He spent about a half an hour un-packing his box of fabric scraps prepped on papers and organising them by colour (all over my coffee table and onto the floor).

Grouping his lights on my floor.

Then he spent the rest of the evening making selections, while I finished working on my rainbow dodecahedron. Yes, it’s bad form to be knitting on quilt night, but sometimes I quilt on knitting night so it all works out. In this case it worked out pretty good for me to be knitting something pretty simple while he was selecting his fabric combinations. Every few minutes he’d ask me what I thought of such ‘n’ such fabrics together. I’d have a resounding “oh yeah!” in reply, or we’d find another lozenge to perfect the quilting illusion (insert waggling fingers here) for the block. By the end of the evening he I think 6 pins worth of selections made. Should take him a while to finish them all off.

By Sunday’s family dinner, he already had 5 blocks finished.

Pretty nice huh?

One of these days he’ll get around to start putting the blocks together. Don’t worry, I’ll take some pictures when that happens.

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