Falkland Fibre Club – April

This lovely fibre arrived on my doorstep last week and I was sure I’d have it all spun and yarn finished by the very next day (spinning machines are super fast, I’m so glad I moved ahead to the middle ages with my spinning technology), but alas, I got partway through dividing up and drafting and it stayed like that aaaaall week. Taunting me in little wispy drafted piles.

But on the weekend I managed to get some time to spin it up! And I luuuuuuuuuuuve it. It’s SUPER soft and pretty and awesome. I did my usual split it in half, then divide into reasonable lengths and keep half of each length for each batch of spinning. The fibre was pretty dense in the braid so I did actually pre-draft before spinning.

I loved spinning this fibre so much and the resulting yarn that I’m glad I impulsively bought two more braids of a some of her other colourways in the Falkland. Yes it’s dangerous to have fibre people in my google reader list, but I’m glad that I do!

‘Croci’ CosySpins
100% Falkland
4 oz.

Oh and a shout-out to Xime in Uruguay! She’s the first comment I’ve had from South America. Thanks for the compliments on my yarn, I really appreciate it. I don’t sell my handspun as of yet. I still consider myself as a beginning spinner, especially since I just got wheel last month, but I’m very flattered. Maybe I’ll sell some when I find myself buried in piles and piles of yarn. We’ll see.

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