Field Trip to the Church Bazar

We had a very special meeting of les courtepointistes last week. We went on a field trip to a local church bazaar. Man did we have a fun time! Needless to say we found many many awesome things and somehow managed to close it out.

Here’s what we found:

Awesome linens including some beautiful hand embroidered pillow cases, fantastic wool baby blanket, and an old top sheet that will become the backing for my hex-a-long quilt.

We also happened upon the glassware table. Let me tell you I have a weakness for vintage everyday use glassware. When I first saw the green mugs I quickly bought them. Then Mr. Peabody showed me the fantastic white mixing bowls and while the bazaar lady was wrapping those up, we spotted the awesome white mug and fantastic little dessert cups. I already have a few sets of cute small dessert friendly bowls, but like mugs, a person really can’t have too many right?

Mr. Peabody has been going to church bazaars for a while and picking through all the men’s shirts as a fabric source for quilts. Though he already has quite the stack, he’s always on the hunt for more awesome finds. He’s become quite strict in his search and will only accept 100% cotton shirts from now on. So those two in the bottom left are the start of my men’s shirt stash. They were too pretty to be rejected for being poly-cotton blends. That green one might make it’s way into the hex-a-long quilt too.

Among the stuff we bought were some fantastic labels. So pretty. I love vintage labels! Well I love a well designed label, most happen to be on vintage items where they weren’t trying to cram 7 languages and too much information into the tiniest label possible.

Among other things we found were silk scarves, crochet cotton, a dollar’s worth of saints and an apron 3-pack. I likely won’t wear any of the scarves. Not that they’re not super pretty (cause they are) but I’m really not an accessory person. I very very rarely even change my earrings. The scarves were just too pretty to be sitting in a box in the church basement and it is kind of an extension of my vintage handkerchief collection isn’t it?

Silk Scarf Tip: You can tell that you’ve chosen the correct scarves when the elderly ladies ringing you up start oooohing and aaaahing over what you’ve found.

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