Still hexing

I very patiently awaited the next step in the quilt-a-long all week. Turns out it was instructions to make the blocks I was already making. So I took the opportunity to refine my steps and make another set of 5 fabric combinations.

Looking at them all on my kitchen floor made me realise that there wasn’t enough green and blue combinations to make this a green/blue quilt.

I remedied this by making another 5 fabric combinations featuring blue and green.

Looks like a pretty good start to the quilt doesn’t it?

I like this width. I just need to fill it in the spaces and add to the length. I think I’m about halfway to having a quilt top.

Oh and I may have bought a bunch more blue/green candidates for this quilt this past weekend.

One thought on “Still hexing”

  1. wowsers. Thats a lotta work.

    I am in need of advice from you and Mr.Peabody: I have been laundering 2 of my grandmother’s quilts. One is looking mighty fine and does not smell like cigarette anymore (my mom and Dad are big smokers). The other is terribly stained by nicotine. I have tried washing soda soaks, long sessions in the front loading washer, laundry bar soap applied to the stains and then soaking again, and today’s stinky and futile treatment with Lestoil. Next attempts will be with peroxide applied to the stains.

    HELP!! Do you guys know of a way to get out nicotine stains???

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