Check it: more knitting!

K. So I’ve been neglecting the knitting talk lately. So here’s a status check on what’s active on the needles these days.

Immediately after seaming up my recent sweater victory, I cast on for this beauty:

And it’s been progressing at a nice clip ever since. I think I like this idea of having a sweater on the needles to work on now and again when taking breaks from other projects.

One of my girlfriend’s has been a little down due to romantical situations lately. In an effort to cheer her up I’m knitting her some socks. She picked out the yarn from my Flickr and I immediately cast on:

I really was excited by this pattern, Cubist Socks by Cookie A as soon as I came across it and was happy to have someone in mind as the recipient. My bin full of hand knit socks is quite full and I really only wear them when it’s super cold in the winter. I have hot feet. Maybe I should get cotton sock yarns to work with at some point, but it’s hard to justify when I have such a large sock yarn stash.

This pattern is super interesting and works up fast without much effort or project monogamy, I found myself at the heel flap:

I really like how the leg chart is integrated into the heel flap pattern. I love how Cookie does that in most of her patterns.

Lastly, I have finally cast on with some of my handspun:

This deliciously impossibly soft superwash merino is from Pigeonroof Studios and as soon as the yarn was finished and skeined I wanted to knit something with it. I was originally planning on making socks with this as it’s superwash — REALLY want to knit some handspun socks for some reason — but as it’s soooooooo soft it would be better appreciated nearer to my face. Ergo, a scarf was in order.

Amanda suggested a Lacy Baktus (Ravelry link) and upon seeing it, I completely agreed and cast on as soon as I could. Turns out to be a very addictive pattern and I quickly had progressed quite a lot.

But I sense the knitting will be a little slower.

This delicious and irresistible fibre arrived on my doorstep last week and I REALLY want to spin it up ASAP!

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