I have awesome friends

My best friend (the one who’s getting married this fall) decided to go on a impromptu trip back to London. I was excited to join her but then hemmed and hawwed long enough for the airfare to go from $700 to $1500 (turns out it just takes a week). I REALLY couldn’t find any way to justify that.

But she was terribly nice enough to send me some requested goodies from the fabulous V&A show: Quilts 1700-2010 and I am eternally grateful. These fat quarters are ENORMOUS. I’m talking fat quarter meters, giving a piece that measures 21″x26″ or so. Those must be some wide fabrics!

The book is fantastic and Mr. Peabody borrowed it almost immediately (it’s ok, I know where he lives). The fabric is in a special quarantine until I figure out what great amazing project is worthy. I’m thinking something traditional.

Thanks again Miss Pie!

5 thoughts on “I have awesome friends”

  1. PS: Colette was at knit night in NDG last night and she’s starting a weaving studio and supply business!!!!!! GASP I have been wanting to try rigid heddle weaving. Just so you get a heads up……heeheee

  2. Hey Allison. Yes, it’s been too long. Unfortunately I can’t make it out to Knit Nites as they’re always on Wednesdays (girl’s night).

    Weaving is a double edge sword. The equipement is large and costly, but it seems to reduce the stash and quite quickly. I have to say that it’s not something that interests me terribly. Too much analytical planning for my tastes.

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