The Little Shop of Wonders

Hi Jill, here’s the post you’ve been waiting for.

There exists in Montreal a fabulous hidden gem of a house stuffed to the gills with fabulous old things. I mean full. Basement and both floors. FULL of wonders. Mr. Peabody found out about it from a customer at Effiloché and has been pretty much once a week since discovering it. Every time going home with bags full of treasures which he has been very gracious to show off and share.

One Saturday afternoon just as I was having lunch, Mr. Peabody called to see if I wanted to accompany him on his weekly visit to the Little Shop so I could finally see his new found wonderland of stuff. And wonderland it truly is! Full of everything and anything you’d like. This is the place that set dressers and costume designers dream of. Vintage everything all in one place.

Jill pointed us to the basement suggesting I take a look at the rack of dresses down there. It was hard to make it past all the fabulous vintage fur coats and get to the dresses. Once there, I spent a good hour looking at each dress, picking out what caught my eye and moving on to the next. I made quite the stack and found some awesome things. Meanwhile Mr. Peabody looked through the boxes in the back, going through boxes of hats, kimonos, linens, what have you.

When Jill came to check on us, she looked at what I had picked out and suggested I come look at her vintage dress gems upstairs. Again a fantastic range of dresses, styles and eras in great condition. There were a couple that were impossible to say no to.

Mr. Peabody found a few boxes of vintage patterns which we both looked through. As you can see, we found some keepers. This shopping trip has jump started both my vintage dress and vintage sewing pattern collections with some really awesome pieces of both.

And then we were out of time. Well over time. But Jill was very kind to let us hang out some more. Letting Mr. Peabody show me upstairs. Then we hung out chatting about quilts, tops and fabulous old things. We didn’t have the chance to take a break for tea. Maybe next time.

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