The Fibre has arrived

1. Hankie mixed pack, 2. Gray Overdyed Coopworth Locks, 3. Clover Honey loose, 4. Guanaco, 5. Pink Granite loose, 6. Urban Decay Silk Hankies, 7. Moonlit Walk loose, 8. Locks goodie baggie bonus, 9. Faerie Dust loose

Most of the fibre I ordered for my Tour de Fleece – Fear Factor Fibre challenge has now arrived. Isn’t it pretty? I just finished plying the silk that seemed like it took forever to spin/ply. One of the bumps was much less cooperative for some reason plus it turns out I’m a busy girl during the week so I haven’t had much spinning time. Add in a bout of 30-36°C (86 – 96°F) weather around here and my free time has been spent with my feet in a tub of cool water rather than treddling away with Fiona.

So enjoy the pretty pictures of the pretty pretty fibres. I promise I’ll have the silk report properly set and documented tomorrow. I have it set up so I can soak my feet like I’m 90 while on the computer.

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