Tour de Fleece—Fear Factor Fibre

Amanda and I were discussing our plans for the Tour de Fleece during our last St-Jean Baptiste Spin-in and came up with what I think is a pretty fun challenge.

Introducing Fear Factor Fibre!

Here’s the idea. We’re both going to take the plunge into spinning things all those freaky fibres that intimidate us to spin.

My list includes: locks, pure silk, silk hankies, pure alpaca, cotton, flax/hemp, milk fibre, soy silk, sea cell, guanaco.

Both of us have travel plans during the traditional Tour de Fleece dates so have extended the challenge to the full month of July. We’ve also relaxed on the whole spin everyday thing. I kind of went overboard ordering things on Etsy, so there’s a whole lot of freak making it’s way to me.

I figure if I can get 2/3 of the list accomplished during July, I will have achieved the challenge. Plus I’ll have the rest of the freaks in my stash to continue playing with.

Happy Tour de Fleece to all those spinners out there.

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