Nini’s Martini

A friend of mine fell and broke her face walking home from work on the Friday before Hallowe’en. She expressed an extreme love of this fibre when I received in during the summer so I decided to spin her up some yarn.

Nini's Martini

At her request, I spun this Noro-style. I separated all the colours and spun them up “in order” from the green to the maroon then chain-plied it to keep the colour transitions. It worked out pretty well, though in future I think some drafting of 2 transition colours together would be wise.

I think I’m a long-draw convert. This spun up pretty quickly even if it’s a tad underspun in areas. I might need a smaller ratio for my wheel. Further investigation required.

Nini's Martini
‘Olive Martini’ Sweet Georgia
June Fibre Club
100% Falkland
4 oz.

Oh and it’s SUUUUPER soft.

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