Spun Seaweed

I have been a big fan of CosyMakes dyeing since I started getting her Falkland Fiber Club earlier in the spring. I think there’s an entire cubby worth of her fibre in my new shelving unit. I ended up buying lots from her Etsy shop in addition to my fibre club instalments over the summer.

When I saw one of the instalments of the Farm Wool Club, I switched over. Who could resist fun fibre blends like Alpaca, wool or Angora, Shetland? Not me it would seem. I got the first instalment of my new Farm Wool Fiber Club from CosySpins with the last instalment of her Falkland Fiber Club.

Seaweed Braid

As soon as I unwrapped this fibre, took photos and added it to Ravelry, I started spinning it.

Seaweed skein

I spun it long-draw. It may have been a good idea to pre-draft or “pop” it a bit before spinning. It was a bit of a forearm workout as it was. I finished the yarn over the weekend and it’s super lovely! That little bit of mo makes all the difference.

Seaweed skein detail
Farm Wool Fibre Club for September
‘Seaweed’ CosySpins
50% Wool, 50% Alpaca
4 oz.

Now to think of what I want to knit with this. I think I need a LOT more lace in my life.

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