Handspun 2010

I’m a little late posting these 2010 reflections, but I was on vacation which included one from computers (iPhone doesn’t really count).

2010 was the year I bought a spinning wheel, some hand cards and started playing with some freaky fibres. I even got some spinning tools for Christmas: 2 more bobbins, a flick carder and some more wheel ratios. Fiona and I are going to be busy.

1. Pandamint, 2. Crocodile Tears, 3. Glenda, 4. First handspun using the wheel, 5. Chain-ply it is then, 6. 2 scratchy skeins, 7. Juciy yarn, 8. Stormy yarn, 9. Cove skein, 10. Squishy starfish, 11. Silky skein, 12. Blue-green skein, 13. Impossibly soft yarn, 14. Soft super soft super small yarn, 15. Clumsy close up, 16. Breaker skein, 17. Locks skein, 18. Ice Mermaid Darling Queen skein, 19. Milky skein, 20. Finished Skein, 21. Skein of cotton, 22. I spun cotton sliver!, 23. Seaweed skein, 24. Nini’s Martini, 25. Clover Walk 2-ply

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