Handspun Annis of my own

After seeing a friend’s Annis knit from her own handspun I decided that I needed one of my own. The amazing 6-day shawl put me in a knitted-lace-from-my-handspun kick. One I have yet to recover from. Almost immediately after finishing the Echo Flower Shawl, I grabbed some appropriate handspun that I really love, and cast on for Annis.

Handspun Annis

Somehow this shawl magically took 3 days to knit. But somehow is taking much longer to block. I’ll take some better pictures after I finally do block it. It’s a high priority on my to-do list. But I figured since I included it in the 2010 photo mosaic, I should probably post a little something about it.

Annis detail
Pattern: Annis by Susanna IC
Materials: 2-ply
‘Breaker Pigeonroof Studios Polwarth
approx. 397 yards
100% Polwarth
4 oz.
Start Date: December 16, 2010
End Date: December 19, 2010

The whole idea of starting from the bottom edging and working one’s way up is really intriguing. No need to freak out about not having enough yarn for the border, it’s the first thing knit! A person could get used to this.

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