Knitting Finished in 2010

It seems like there was a lot less knitting in 2010. But I think it’s more a matter of a lot less finishing of things. There are plenty of sleeping projects, awaiting projects and things in the works in various places around my living room. And there are some projects (like the tea leaves cardigan) that are basically finished but need final blocking or buttons and photographs to REALLY be declared done, but there’s time for that.

1. Dress for bébé chat, 2. Bunny front, 3. Dodecahedron, 4. Bunny for me, 5. Matching rainbows, 6. Rainbow dodecahedron, 7. Ta-da!, 8. The tea is brewing quickly, 9. Finished Oyster Pie Blanket, 10. Socks for Grumpy, 11. Shawl blocking, 12. Handspun Annis

2 thoughts on “Knitting Finished in 2010”

  1. Hello I found your video on YouTube about the mattress stitch and noticed the afghan/throw you were putting together? I really love your granny squares and was wondering if you can share your pattern??

  2. I found the pattern! All I needed to do was look underneath the picture of the afghan, that’s where I found the pattern. Thanks to your picture on Flickr. 🙂

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