Postage Stamp Madness?

We’ve been having rogue Girl’s Nights while the usual hostess is away. Rogue also means the meals are NOT vegetarian (we’re REAL rebels). Last week’s instalment turned in Quiltie Fun Time chez moi and ended up spilling over to a Sunday Crafterday.

Much silliness. Lots of music and pleeeeenty of quilting (well, piecing as it were). Here’s what I got done:
New madness?
Yes, that’s about a half a million 1.5 inch square pieces for some patchy postage stamp blocks. I REALLY went overboard with the rotary wheel and ruler once I realised that each block will use 64 of the little squares.

This inspired us for something really fantastically great. Ugh. I kind of really want to put things in motion to get it going, but should finish off some existing ongoing projects first.

I’m excited for the next Rogue Girl’s Night at the next venue.

One thought on “Postage Stamp Madness?”

  1. I love seeing the quilts you work on. The hexagon one almost inspired me to get started- though luckily I know I have too much else going on. Any chance we’ll see the Cuttlefish socks make an appearance on the blog this year?

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