Embroidery therapy

It seems like almost everyone I’ve been around in the past few weeks has been sick. First my brother, then girl’s night is postponed a week due to communal illnesses, then multiple co-workers pass around some germs. I’ve been out running the germs for, I guess, a month or so.

Well, they finally caught up with me on Saturday. And I was bored of it as soon as it arrived. But I managed to find a project to get me through the tissues, lemon tea, juice and pudding.

Flower, leaf & knotty goodness

Back in February, an embroidery blog I read: Feeling Stitchy, held a stitch-a-long. I was too busy with floppy disks and work to really jump into the project, but it sat in the back of my mind. I’m kind of still in the thinking phase of some of my other projects and wanted some embroidery to jump into.

Flowers, flowers, flowers

So I printed off the pattern, traced it onto some muslin and got to stitching.

Main flower detail

Clearly I liked the colour palette used for the example stitchery and used it for my own. I thought about changing out the aqua blue for mint green, but the blue of the washable pen I used looked so good with the carmine pinks that it had to stay. I also used some of the same modifications, such as adding French knots, but was a little more liberal with them.

Flowers, leaves 'n' such

But I guess I did it a little differently and really like what I came up with.

The whole shebang

So much so that I traced another mirror image that I’m working on right now. I guess the idea is to frame them and have them as visual “bookends” in some fashion.

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