Finally blocked & v. useful

So I finished knitting myself my very own handspun Annis back in December, and never managed to get around to blocking it. In fact, I never blocked it.

Instead, a friend blocked it for me. She has the benefit of a spare bed on which to block shawls and I’m very lucky that she offered her services or this would have stayed lumped on a chair in my living room indefinitely (along with a sweater in need of blocking & buttons).

Finished Annis

Since getting it blocked, I have made this my new spring scarf. Nice, light, crunchy but quite warm. It’s a most welcome change to my winter scarves. I definitely foresee more such shawl-scarves in my future. And out of handspun would be just divine.

I like to wear it this way too

Though I’ve been wearing it this way more than the other. Thanks so much Amanda for blocking this for me! I know I have some overdue cross-stitch to get to.

Next up: I finally finish things I started ages ago.

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