Introducing Black Beauty & the Big Green Meanie

Though I usually prefer to attribute human names to my inanimate objects, it seems that my sewing machines get more elaborate monikers.

Black Beauty

I brought a sewing machine when I came back from my Albertan Christmas holidays. This little Singer Featherweight rings in at 20 lbs and fit nicely into my smaller suitcase with all my socks packed in and around it.

I finally took it to Monsieur Machine à Coudre a few weeks ago and he was able to fix it right up. As soon as I started using the newly serviced machine, I started calling it “Black Beauty”.

The Big Green Meanie

Now I’ve been searching for a name for this Mint green machine that came to me through the crafty grape vine. It’s a temperamental fella and nothing I thought of seemed to fit. Until last week when writing an email that never got sent, when the words just rolled right out of my finger tips. The Big Green Meanie. When I used the machine later that evening and it didn’t mis-behave in anyway, I knew I found the name that fit. (Though Black Beauty was a little miffed that her name wasn’t quite as 50’s gangster, but she’ll have to get over it).

Ladies & Gents, allow me to introduce you to my sewing machine line up. That’s Black Beauty on the top weighing in at 20 lbs. And secondarily (though not in our hearts) is the irrepressible Big Green Meanie!

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