More Cross-stitch Floppies

Two more cross stitch floppy disks that I made for friends recently. As it happens it seems that these days I hang out with many people who deserve and would love a personalised cross stitch floppy disk, including my friends Janina and Susie.

Nini's disk

Janina is a programmer. She (like me) used to run around with a pocketful of diskettes. She was trying to remember the colour of her favourite disk, but I ended up going for mauve/lavender land because it’s a colour palette she loves. I don’t recall ever seeing a lavender diskette, but I’m not too concerned about these being historically accurate.

Susie’s managed to be finished around her birthday which was most fortuitous. I went for decidedly Susie colours. She works at a video game company here in Montreal, so thought it would be a nice way to personalise her desk. She can’t take pictures of it in its new home, but I’m assured that it has made her the Queen of her workplace.

Susie's disk

There are a few more of these disks in the works (including one for myself) and another mystery personalised item for a friend who is decidedly un-computer-geeky. I’ve taken a small break from these in favour of some languishing knitting projects and a sewing project or two. Oh yeah. This weekend I also had a LOVE affair with Rolags. I’ll tell you more about that later.

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