Revenge of the Super Silk-tacular Hankies

Silk Hankie Burrito

When packing for Christmas vacation, I really wanted to bring some spinning with me, but wanted to keep my luggage to a minimum. So I opted to pack this Silk Hankie burrito and my drop spindle. I really haven’t used my drop spindle much since buying my wheel almost a year ago, but as I was already going to be bringing a sewing machine back with me, I thought packing a wheel was a bit much.

Hankie mixed pack

Over the holidays, I did start working with this fibre. Separating and pre-drafting the hankies into little fibre nests was actually quite fun. But spinning on a drop spindle has definitely stopped being so fun after working on a wheel. Especially spinning silk. Especially spinning this silk. I don’t think there was anything actually wrong with the fibre I purchased. I’m sure it’s entirely user un-familiarity more than anything.

I ended up packing up all the nests in a complicated saran wrap dealie and bringing back home. I took what I had started on the spindle, transferred it to a bobbin and continued the spinning on my wheel. It was still kind of a bitch to spin which is why it’s taken me two and a half months to finally finish up this skein.

Silk-tacular skein
‘n° 2457–Navy Blue, Gold, Plum’ Fiber Cottage
100% Silk Hankies
1 oz.
approx. 325 yards

I’ve been REALLY wanting to start spinning something new, so forced myself to finish spinning up the silk already. And after a week of spinning for a bit in the evening, it started getting easier to work with (Much MUCH less swearing). Last night I FINALLY finished spinning the singles and COULDN’T wait to be done! So I immediately begun plying the singles.

Silk-tacular skein

I must have developed some kind of Stockholm syndrom with this fibre or something because as soon as I finished plying and saw how nice the yarn was, I almost convinced myself to get started on the other batch of hankies in my possession.

Luckily I got a hold of my senses and begun plying the other singles that have been sitting around for months. I can’t believe that this is actually the first yarn that I’ve spun this year. It definitely won’t be the last.

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