Skew too.

Almost immediately after finishing up this pair of “perfect” socks, I cast on for another pair using some sock yarn I’ve had around for ages and love to bits. But this project fell to the wayside. Maybe it was all the spinning I did last year. Maybe it was the quilt-fever I caught. But they sat around for a year in roughly the same state.

Skew too

Until earlier this week I picked them up again and went to work. Suddenly without warning, I found myself with a finished project AND another pair of practically perfect socks.

Finished Skews

I think knitting the same pattern twice in a row is the reason these socks sat around for so long. And we had a nice warm spring last year, so another pair of cosy socks were far from my mind. Let me assure you that these socks have scarcely left my feet since being finished.

Sure I’m stuck at home with a doozy of a cold, but still these socks have been right there, keeping my tootsies warm. And though it seems impossible, this pair is more perfect than the last. The slightly larger gauge of yarn makes them slightly looser and easier to slip over the heel (the only down side of the previous pair). But they’re not so loose as to fall off or get too slouchy.

Skewed heel

I leave you with the random heel shot.

One thought on “Skew too.”

  1. I have a pair of sock in this yarn!! I made them for Thing 2 at a time his feet were my size and when they got too small they were handed down to ME! Now he has man feet and no wool socks. I am a bad mommy.
    I LOVE Opal 6 ply and this colourway. YUMMY!

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