A Mystery Shawl: begun & finished

Um, hi. I’m not feeling too verbose about this shawl that I finished back in May but we’ll see how this goes. The pattern for this mystery shawl caught my eye in my friends’ activity stream one day. I grabbed some yarn and got to knitting.

Spriteling detail

While I’m kind of blasé about writing about this shawl, please don’t make the assumption that I found the knitting boring. Or am even blasé about the resulting shawl. I could barely contain myself while waiting for the next set of instructions.

Spriteling detail

I think I finished this shawl only a couple of days after receiving the final clue. But I don’t have the ideal set up for blocking shawls. Considering that I’ve knit almost 10 shawls, it’s kind of silly that I don’t have a proper blocking set up. None of those interlocking foam blocks to put on the floor and pin into. No blocking wire set. I just have about a million pins that I use.

Spriteling clue 1

Fortunately I have an awesome friend with a spare bed and all the necessary blocking devices. I was over at her place one day playing Xbox (my roommate’s died from the dreaded Red Ring and I had some games on loan that needed ‘testing’ before being returned) and we blocked out the shawl (it was a combined effort).

Finished & needs blocking

The blocking was actually kind of challenging for this shawl. The elaborate border and loopy crocheted bind off made the blocking quite confusing. We consulted pictures from others completed shawls to see what the resulting shape should be. There was much pinning out of loops, readjusting of loops and scrounging for more pins before this shawl got to its final blocking state.

It's a shawl

I really love how the shawl turned out. The colours of the Archangel have this unearthly glow to them. Somehow the red emanates from the core of the yarn. I’m not sure how well this is evident in photos, but trust me, in life this shawl is slightly on fire. Maybe more like slow burning hard wood or liquid hot magma. Either way, I very much enjoy and have worn this shawl on every available chilly morning since its completion.

I like this shawl

Alright, so I guess I was more verbose than anticipated. One day I shall be up-to-date with my completed projects.

It's a purty shawl

One more picture of the big fan bit at the center of the shawl.

Border detail

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