Clumsy Beret

Enough leftover for a beret?

Hey, so I finished knitting these handspun gloves and still had plenty of yarn left over in the skein and so decided to make a beret out of the leftovers. Initially, working with my gauge information and having knit many a Le Slouch in the past, I was going to just getting knitting some ribbing, do a bunch of beret increases and switch to moss stitch for the body of the hat.

Finished a hat

But after working the ribbing, there was something just not quite right about the hat. I couldn’t put my finger on it. So I set it aside and got caught up in mystery shawl knitting (the subject of another post) and traveling down to NYC for an Easter Weekend trip. Oh and I also moved for the first time in 5 years in there somewhere.

Hipstamatic self-portraits are haaard.

After things settled down a little, I found myself stuck at home with a cold and in between mystery shawl clues, I decided to pull out the ribbing and start again. This time I opted to follow the Purl Beret pattern. I liked the idea of having less noticeable decrease rounds in striping handspun instead of a star pattern of paired decreases.

From the top

I had to adapt the numbers slightly (as I usually do) to match the gauge of the yarn I was using. Somehow I never end up using yarn that is a straight across replacement for what’s called for in the pattern. But it’s an easy enough thing to fix. Knitting math is pretty easy most of the time.

Hey, it's a hat.

The knitting went really quickly once it was restarted. And suddenly I had another hat. Just in time for warm spring.

Boob hat

And eventually I took some more official pictures of this hat.

and I have braids

Though I really haven’t worn it yet.

Yeah, it's a hat

It quickly became to warm for hats.

I'm wearing a hat

Oh, and there’s still a sizeable amount of yarn left over from this skein. I guess I might be starting a scrappy crocheted blanket at some point.

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