Unicorn! UNI-CORN!

Though I’ve being playing around the idea about quilts for a couple of years now (have started several projects and managed to accumulate quite the fabric stash), it’s only in the past few weeks that the full impact of making quilts has hit me. And hit me hard it has.

Due to an undisclosed communal quilting project that has recently been completed (don’t worry, I’ll show pictures once the time is appropriate) I have finally realised how fantastic making a quilt is. And also how nice it would be to have a home made quilt. For reals. This is the closest I’ve come to owning a home made quilt.

I’ve had quilts before. Even had baby quilts. But they were mostly of the “pre-quilted fabric, just add binding” variety. The closest I ever got was a “home made style” quilt that was heavily discounted in the bedding department one year. Now that I’ve encountered a real, honest-to-goodness homemade quilt, I realise how poor a facsimile it is.

K. Now I’m getting a tad off topic. Sort of. Quilt = Great. Me. Want. Own. Quilt. So I could barely contain myself while finishing up this secret mysterious non-disclosed communal quilt project, and keep from starting another one right away. But I was good. I waited 20 whole minutes after finishing stitching down the binding before whipping out the fabric for the next on.

After seeing and suggesting the latest in the Old Red Barn Quilt-a-long to a friend who wasn’t inspired, I realised that this pattern would work wonderfully for my stash of thus un-planned Far Far Away fabrics.

Fussy cuttin' UNICORNS!

Early Saturday morning, I started fussy cutting unicorns while chatting with my sleepy roommate. We were up early as we had plans for dim sum with friends. While ironing and slicing fabric, I kept singing “unicorn, Unicorn, UNI-corn!” in the style of King Haggard in the Last Unicorn.

By the end of my awesome 4 day weekend, I had a nice little stack of fabrics going. 4 blocks done and a general strategy for the quilt. As you can see, the plan of attack involves diving into my box of 1930’s reproduction fabric scraps. The purples used are the most perfect match to the pinky/purple in the one Frog Prince fabric from the Far Far Away collection.

Unicorn, UNI-CORN!

I do have enough of the Far Far Away to make the entire quilt, I do really like idea of the borders using one colour, but many different fabrics. It would have been nice to have a cosy quilt entirely made of double gauze, but I plan to get a nice Nani Iro dot or floral print for the backing. Maybe some nice cotton lawn for the binding. Hrm. That would be a nice touch.

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