Ceçi n’est pas une diskette

Back in February I got a little focused on cross stitch. Particularly in stitching personalised cross stich floppy disks for all my geeky friends. Well one friend got left out. She’s not as big a technology geek as the rest of us. Though she was excited about having a personalised cross stitch, a floppy disk really did not suit her. She’s much more into music than computers.

Midnight Cross Stitch

It took me a while to figure out what object would work better. Then longer still for me to finalise the cross stitch chart and finally start stitching. But I managed to find the perfect musical equivalent to a floppy disk. A cassette tape.

Finished by Monday

I even managed to cryptically get her to finalise the colour choices without revealing what I was stitching. She really liked it (and maybe even squeed a little?). It currently lives in a prominent place in her living room.


It turned out so cool that I want to stitch one for myself maybe. But I’m still excited about this quilt thing, so it might wait.

Non-hipstamatic Cassette Tape

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