Officially Finalized

A very good friend of mine just became an aunt. I decided to send along some baby goodies. But procrastination and a Canadian Postal strike has meant that I just sent out the package today (shh, don’t tell San Francisco).

In digging for suitable baby things, I came across a looooooong languishing unfinished project. An entrelac baby blanket I knit during a holiday break back when I was in University. I knit the whole blanket, and the whole border (with improvised mitered corners!) but never quite made it to finishing it. No ends had been worked in and the border was only attached with safety pins. And it sat in a box pretty much since then. Likely 6 years or so. And maybe the reason it stayed unfinished was mostly because I thought it was maybe kind of weird to be a 24 year old with a finished baby blanket that had no baby causation.

But the opportunity of being able to send this blanket to a real live human child in a far off distant land became too appealing. Especially since the recipients will really enjoy it. So I made myself finish it off during the postal strike.

And this is the only picture I managed to take of the blanket during its life with me. Partially obscured by Diva, a friend’s cat who merely sat on it long enough to pose for this picture and then wandered off.

Hurray for finishing long long long overdue projects! It feels super awesome to have this thing finally finished and on its way to getting drooled on! Huzzah!

Anyone else have a scary old thing lurking around in the back of their mind/knitting basket?

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