And the hex continues

As an omni-crafter with a penchant for starting (too) many projects, I sometimes find myself overwhelmed with concurrent projects. As I work full time, I tend to start a bunch of projects when work’s especially busy, but without the energy to advance them as much as I’d like.

And so it continues

So lately I’ve found myself drawn to the simplicity and methodical practise of the slowly growing hexagonal quilt. I work on a relatively smallish section at a time. Here I’ve just laid out one repeat of hexes in anticipation of getting stitched up. I do two of these sections before I attach it to the larger pieced top. It’s getting quite sizeable and tricky to document.

Quilted coffee table

For several days, there was a quilted coffee table in our apartment. My roommate commented that it would be really cool if it were REALLY a quilted coffee table. But that project will have to wait for another time.

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