Bye bye t-shirts

Pretty t-shirts

Things kind of got paused craftwise lately. My parents came to town. Whenever they come for their summer visit, there is a rash of home improvements that go on. Previous years have involved painting my kitchen and putting up many shelves. So it naturally follows that new apartment means new opportunities for home improvements. Especially if I hadn’t quite managed to unpack everything since moving. My brother even got in on the home improvements and had my dad finish up some final details in his bathroom. Home improvement for everyone!

Old t-shirts

My mom made me helped motivate me to finish unpacking. Including sorting through my clothes, shoes and some of my fabric into “keep” and “donate”. She must have started watching that show now that I think about it.

Old t-shirts

This is my stack of old t-shirts. I used to be a real t-shirt fiend, but about a year and a half ago I switched to dresses and haven’t really looked back. But I had an idle plan to use these shirts to make a quilt. Like simple squares combining all the lovely shades of grey that I loved so much. But my mom had none of it as I have much more fabric with quilt plans than finished quilts. So away the t-shirts went.

bye bye t-shirts

I took some pictures before the shirts disappeared forever so at least I can recall the lovely colour combinations.

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