2011 Catch-up: The Mock-up Fairy™

Complete with beehive
Yup. Hallowe’en. I wasn’t planning on dressing up but a conversation with co-workers while leaving work one day gave me the most perfect idea. Our office social committee came up with the theme of Fairy Tales so I figured I could dress as I wanted, slap on some fairy wings and be a sarcastic fairy. And that’s pretty much all I had to do was buy wings.
Sparklie sparkle sparkles
I work as a Graphic Designer here in Montreal and I’m often asked to make “maquettes” or mock-ups for different client presentations. Over the years that I’ve worked for my company, I’ve gained the reputation of being the Queen of Maquettes. I’ve built prototypes of milk cartons, juice boxes, die-cut what-have-you, boxes with drawers and inserts from scratch. All kinds of things. So once I thought a bit more about my costume concept, I realised I had recently completed the perfect dress to become The Mock-up Fairy.
The Mock-up Fairy™
Remember a million years ago when I declared I was going to make an army of dresses but somehow didn’t even finish one? Well, I finally finished it a week before Hallowe’en. I decided to postpone its debut until I would wear it as my costume. And it fit the bill perfectly.
Sparklie eyes
I spent sometime researching bee-hive hairdos because what else goes better with my new pair of retro glasses?
The bee-hive
Though all I had to do was buy some wings, I waffled about whether it was worth it. But I made myself go out and ended up getting the biggest, most ridiculous wings I could find. I got in the spirit of things (finally) and bought as many sparkly things to go with: make-up, nail polish, giant plastic ring. I used a tiara I got as a joke V-day present that lives on my desk.
The Mock-up Fairy™ - the full outfit
The costume was widely well received, though I was better recognized as the Fairy Godmother in Shrek. Not quite what I was aiming for, but not a bad serendipitous result.
These wings are sitting compatible
Oh and no one could really believe that I was able to work with my big ass wings, but as you can see from this re-enactment when I got home, that they are quite office chair compliant.

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