Finished in 2011

I’m late posting this, but I’d rather post late than not at all. Here’s all of 2011’s craftiness in one mega-photo mosaic:

1. Baby Llama cowl, 2. Clover Walk 2-ply, 3. Goodale Sweater, 4. Pua Kenikeni Block, 5. Kukui Block, 6. Cross-stitch Floppy, 7. Joe’s Floppy Disk, 8. Nini’s disk, 9. Susie’s disk, 10. Silk-tacular skein, 11. Skew Too, 12. Dainty Flower Embroidery, 13. A disk for me, 14. Handspun Fingerless Gloves, 15. Clumsy Beret, 16. Spriteling Mystery Shawl, 17. Personalised Cassette Tape, 18. Madeleine’s Quilt Folded, 19. Kyr’s Quilt Folded, 20. Entrelac Baby Blanket, 21. Instant Baby Sweater, 22. Handspun Stack, 23. Banana Split Singles, 24. Pea Vines Shawl, 25. Teddy Rhino, 26. Poignant Elephant (with a dress), 27. Charity Twig Gloves, 28. The Mock-up Fairy™, 29. Mom’s Thanksgiving Shawl, 30. Celes Shawl

So that’s 14 knitted projects (1 cowl, 2 sweaters – adult & baby, 1 pair of socks, 2 pairs of gloves, 1 hat, 4 shawls, 1 baby blanket and 2 toys), 2 Hawaiian Appliqué blocks, 5 cross-stitch diskettes, 1 cross-stitch cassette, 5 skeins of handspun, 2 baby quilts (group projects!), and one dress (FINALLY) finished.

Surprisingly productive for how busy a year it turned out to be. I really didn’t think I got that much crafting done.

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