Daisychain Sampler

I started this crewel work sampler with gusto back in July when I first received the kit. Basically I was completing a letter a day until I got to “Q”. While working on the “Q”, I got discourage by the lazy daisies I was making and the sampler got put away for several months and I worked on other things for a while.

Finished Daisychain Sampler
Pattern: Daisychain ABCs Crewelwork Sampler Kit by Alica Paulson
Materials: Appleton 2-ply crewel yarn
Start Date: July 14, 2011
End Date: January 29, 2012

But after getting back from Christmas vacation, I really wanted to finish some of the many many many projects I have that lying around in progress and half started. That combined with the announcement of a new cross stitch sampler made me get over my lazy daisy angst and get back to work!

1. Daisychain A, 2. Daisychain B, 3. Daisychain C, 4. Daisychain D, 5. Daisychain E, 6. Daisychain F, 7. Daisychain G, 8. Daisychain H, 9. Daisychain I, 10. Daisychain J, 11. Daisychain K, 12. Daisychain L, 13. Daisychain Q, 14. Finished Alphabet: F – T, 15. Daisychain R, 16. Daisychain S, 17. Daisychain T, 18. Daisychain U, 19. Daisychain V, 20. Daisychain W, 21. Daisychain X, 22. Daisychain Y, 23. Daisychain Z, 24. Finished Alphabet: A – O, 25. Finished Alphabet: L – Z
Daisychain Q

Within a week of picking it up again, I had finished it off. And I really don’t know what my problem with those lazy daisies was. The finished “Q” turned out just fine. I’m such a weirdo sometimes.

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