SXSW Swag Hack

My office sent a couple of people to the SXSW Interactive Conference this year. When they came back, they were quite generous in sharing all the free swag they got. I really liked the artwork on the t-shirt I picked, but it was WAY too big for me to wear and way too awesome for this shirt to be destined to be a nightshirt. So instead, I brought in to Effiloché for my sewing tutorials one Saturday. Made a sketch of how I thought it could be converted into to a dress and Anne helped me make the transformation. Original SXSW Swag T-shirt My brief sketch of how I wanted to “hack” the t-shirt. T-shirt Hack Schematic I used this old pajama t-shirt as a guide of how I wanted the finished t-shirt dress to fit. Original Swag T-shirt & Favourite PJ top The armholes, neckline and side seams were all modified. I also added in 6 vents in a contrasting grey jersey fabric to create a full skirt. Ta-da! This T-shirt is now a dressPattern: Improvised from favourite PJ t-shirt top Materials: XL T-shirt brought back from SXSW by a coworker Date: March 17, 2012 I plan to draw up the instructions of how I made this transformation but this post has been waiting in draft limbo for too long. Maybe I’ll post them at some point.

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