about me.

My name is Sarah Jane Ayers. As there are many Sarah Janes, Sarah Ayerses and Sarah Jane Ayerses, I tend to use my nick name Joan of Locks (or Locks). I’ve had many nick names but Locks is tops. Polkadots is good too, but Locks was first.

I am a Graphic Designer. I live & work in Montreal, QC (since August of 2006). Originally  from Edmonton, AB, where I was born, raised & went to school. I graduated with a BDES from the University of Alberta in 2004 and have been working ever since.

While it took me some time to get over that year I lived in the UK, Montreal has become my home. My French has managed to improve despite my initial reluctance to speak it. Behind all my cranky-language rants was self-consciousness of not being perfect (big surprise). Somewhere along the road, I became fairly proficient (more surprise).

I’ve been feeling restless lately. Though I’m quite the crafter, craftivities aren’t quite enough anymore. I’ve found myself following a lot more comic artists and illustrators. And somehow I don’t think it was quite random that many of my school projects were related to comic books towards the end of my degree. There may be something to that.

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