Home for the holidays

I headed back home to Alberta for the holidays this year (nope, no Maui this year) to visit with my family. It may have been an extra 10 – 15° cooler than Montreal, but my brother and I still had a great visit in the prairies.

My parents even had a Christmas tree for us to decorate. I haven’t decorated a tree in years. We’ve been meeting in warmer climates for so long that the tree and decorations have become fond memories. Though we were pressed by my dad’s usual last minute shopping on Christmas Eve and guests coming at 6pm, we did a pretty awesome job.

Most of our time was spent hanging out, enjoying the HD cable, PVR and Apple TV. Going out occasionally for a trip or two to the store. We even made a trip to West Edmonton Mall for crazy Boxing Day shopping. We were there for a 9am appointment at the Apple store so we made it through unscathed and well loaded with goods.

My dad bought himself a Fender Guitar playset from Costco (complete with mini-amp!) and spent much of the holiday tuning and learning chords. He let me play it a time or two too.

At an Xmas party of a friend of my mom’s, my brother and I invented a drink. The Holden Caulfield is rye & coke & a twist of lime (wool blazer optional). We ended up playing with the iPhones. My brother was evergreened my mom’s first iPhone, so we were playing APPs for a while.

Oh and I made some bread.

After 2 days of work, it ended up very yeasty-play dough tasting. Oh wells. There’s always room for improvement I guess.

And then we flew back to Montreal with a lovely sunrise. Though it always feels too short, it was a good visit.
A little bit of Xmas spirit
Mom makes lists
My dad + his Fender Guitar Hero Playset
Mr. Peabody + his Holden Caufield
See my ciabatta rise!
Ciabatta, rolls and bâtard loaf
Sunrise over the prairies