International Baby Friends

There have been some cryptic sneak peeks of this project over the past year, but FINALLY I can share the things for reals. So last fall, a couple of friends announced they were pregnant so a group of us decided to make them some quilts. This scheme was initially thought of to reduce our individual efforts, but in the end, the quilts had about the same gestation periods as the babies themselves. Amanda posted the timeline of events over here.

Madeleine's Quilt

The jumping off point was receiving a parcel from one of the international baby’s mother-in-waiting over in Amsterdam. She sent us some fabric and other goodies, so this that was our starting point.

Kyr's Quilt

These babies are destined to be friends, even if at the moment they are only quilt buddies at the moment. But as you can see, Professor Hammy Cheeks has already put his to work in his mobile satellite office.

It's a baby in a basket!

P.S. These are officially my first ever finished quilt projects. I was surprised at how little fabric was needed for the binding. It’s quite magical.

I am a quilt machine

This past weekend, my group of Montreal ladies and I headed over to my brother’s place (aka – the House of Quilt) for an Intro to Patchwork. It was super fun! Though some ladies left earlier, Amanda and I hung out and played Quilt Machine until 11pm or so. It was epic!

I (of course) chose a complicated, advanced block and spent the entire time cutting out the fabric pieces for my blocks. I originally intended to cut out fabrics for 2 blocks. Due to some confusion and the fact that the cutting instructions were for cutting out for double blocks, that, er, became fabric for 4 blocks. Er, yeah.

After cutting out a bazillion pieces of fabrics for these blocks, I also had to mark little dots on each piece. By the time I finished marking pieces early Sunday afternoon, I REALLY wanted to sew them together.

Chrysanthemum Block 2

So I did. The blocks aren’t perfect, but the block design is kind of forgiving? I like to think that it is.

Chrysanthemum Block 3

These are really the first “real” quilt blocks that I’ve pieced since beginning quilting.

Chrysanthemum Block 1

My machine was mostly co-operative about the piecing. Though I can’t wait to get my hands on the Singer Featherlight from my mom’s friend. It will be so nice to have a machine that sews straight lines (don’t tell Greenie that I said that).

Chrysanthemum Block 3
Mixed Bouquet Block from American Patchwork & Quilting, December 2009. Issue 101

4 blocks down, 6 more to go. I think I want to make some of those crazy itty bitty square blocks I’ve been seeing around. And maybe some of those asterisk blocks I’ve come across.